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Schmidt Bingham Gallery

Tom Uttech
- Additional Information -

Tom Uttech's landscapes are pure fantasy, yet absolutely true to nature.

Each year, without art supplies, Tom Uttech treks through the north woods of Canada. With luminous oil glazing, dry scumbling, and rigorous composition, his paintings are an attempt to capture what it feels like be a pair of eyes in the woods instead of a body.

I recall the drama, peacefulness, risk and mystery I found in Quetico with all its vast sweeping lakes haunted by loon calls and wolf howls, surrounded by metaphoric forests, the exhilarating rush of migrating birds, the treacherous annual portage through Canada, the river that crashes against the mossy rocks as it pours into a deep pool, the solitary bear that stands undisturbed by the sounds and sights.

Wood grain or the likeness of lichen or bark plus painted medallions of mischievous woodland spirits, form the portal or focal lens for wide eyes to wander deep into the wilderness.

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