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At Home
- Additional Information -

Lennon, Weinberg is pleased to present an exhibition organized for us by Stephanie Theodore. In 1998, she curated an exhibition at the gallery entitled UTZ, in which she offered an examination of the idea of collecting by presenting arranged ensembles of artworks, furnishings and decorative objects. At Home will include photographs, videos, paintings and sculptures selected by Stephanie Theodore for their relationships to the theme she describes below:

"Wouldn’t that be nice
We’ve tried everything else twice
Why don’t we try staying home"

Cole Porter, Why Don’t We Try Staying Home

The idea of home being addressed in this exhibition is the negotiated state of comfort with the environment of one’s psychological and emotional origin. This is not "Home" as a universal concept. It is not necessarily one’s childhood house, hometown or family. Many individuals do not have a home that they can return to, that they want to return to. One’s childhood could have been unhappy or forgettable, or not. Home becomes the ideal which is sought after and eventually found elsewhere in one’s life. This group has been gathered together to present some views of home, domesticity and orientation of the self within a familiar environment.

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