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Gracie Mansion Gallery

Jimi Dams
- Additional Information -

Opening Reception:  Wednesday 2 May, 6 - 8 PM

Gracie Mansion is proud to announce her new Chelsea location with an inaugural exhibition of the work of Jimi Dams.

After impressive shows at MDD (Museum for Contemporary Art) in Ghent, Belgium and the Aktionsforum in Munich, Germany, Gracie Mansion is pleased to present the first New York solo exhibition of Belgian artist Jimi Dams.

Dams' work is an exploration of the self and a heightened examination of the human personality, its moods and mental potentialities. By focusing on inner struggles, the work creates a gateway to transcendent experience and spiritual truth.

Taking on culture's perceived, but tainted myths of childhood, Dams' work is sharp and very much to the point. Painted or drawn, his inner narratives combine a child's experiences with those of an adult. In the process, his work delivers a message that stops nothing short of desperation and loneliness. Although portraying the darker side of human nature, the work never wallows in one-line shock tactics but rather is portrayed with a Chaplinesque frivolity of optimistic pessimism.

By using personal snapshot moments from his childhood, moments that are easily remembered or easily forgotten, Dams' work reads as a trace of memory, a memory that has been stopped in time to become a drawing on vellum or a wall painting. His use of light-sensitive metallic ink accentuates the illusionary nature of loss and remembrance.

His murals combine paint, tape and occasionally wood and continue from the wall to the floor, linking the viewer with their vision as well as the present with the past.  In this way, the exterior becomes the interior.

For more information please contact Gracie Mansion Gallery.

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