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Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Set Diagram
- Additional Information -

Lehmann Maupin would like to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Terry Winters, in a site-specific installation created by architect and writer Rem Koolhaas.

This project grew out of discussions between Winters and Koolhaas about the creation of exhibiting a large number of works, which could be displayed in a variety of possible permutations.  With reference to the dynamic installations of Russian Constructivism, the exhibition extends the forces contained in the paintings into the physical environment of the gallery.

Winters has produced a series of sixty paintings in which each canvas exists both as an autonomous work, and as part of a larger construction.  Set Diagram, a term used to describe relationships between two or more sets of information, is the series title for this group of paintings.  Winters filters a wide variety of technological sources through the expressive materials and processes of painting.  In a vitalized geometry, pattern, color, and gesture combine and recombine in a network of shifting connections.

Through the conjunction of different types of visual information within the paintings and through the web of their inter-relationships in the gallery installation, they create a matrix of difference, correspondence, and counterpoint.    Also opening on 9 March, there will be a five-year survey of Winters’s drawings at the Matthew Marks Gallery in Chelsea.  A retrospective of Winters’s prints will open at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York this June.

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