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Richard Kalina
- Additional Information -

Richard Kalina (b. 1946) has had fifteen solo exhibitions in New York galleries since 1970. These shows have taken place at OK Harris, Tibor di Nagy, Piezo  Electric, Elizabeth MacDonald, Diane Brown, and since 1993 at Lennon,  Weinberg Gallery. In the course of thirty years, Kalina has utilized a variety of  creative systems which enabled him to parse the grammar of modernist  abstraction. Despite considerable differences in the visual appearance of  subsequent series of works, a quote from an interview published ten years ago  is as appropriate now as it was then.

"There are clear systems at work, simple divisions and grids, readily accessible  methods of comparison and comprehension. You can read them left and right,  up and down, as well as back to front and front to back. I want the paintings to  have a graphic presence, a presence that you can sense not only quickly, but  also from a long way away. But I want a very slow reading too, one that  reveals itself gradually and up close. It's important for abstract paintings to  balance these things. It's what gives them that sense of simultaneity. It gives  them resonance."

The systems at work in the new paintings involve primary colors with white, black, and sections of exposed linen. Patterns are constructed in sequential  procedures of mark-making, collaging, masking, removing, and painting. The  physical methods Kalina employs yield complex and closely linked perceptual  layers. The paintings weave edges, lines and bands horizontally and vertically  into intricate plaids. These are finely detailed labor-intensive small-format  paintings which yield images that couldn't have been invented any other way  than the means Kalina has used to make them. Kalina has relinquished the collaged underlayer of photocopied newsprint or  botanical motifs which served as the paintings' background for most of the last  decade and has made the paintings more succinctly abstract in a way that his  works on paper have always been. We have made a selection of his ink and  watercolor drawings of the past ten years which anticipate many of the  developments of the new paintings.

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