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Gracie Mansion Gallery

Ilona Malka Rich
- Additional Information -

Reception:  Wednesday, March 21st, 6-8pm

Ilona Rich has created a carnivalesque world where spewing sculptures have heads the size of small cars and two-headed lions have twelve legs and six toes. In her world, genetic engineering is seen from the other side of the looking glass.  Multiple bulldogs are stacked one on top of the other and there is an apple the size of a small apartment. Bigger is better and this is a study of excess.  Each sculpture is painted with her signature stripes and portraits she has culled from mass media. Last year Rich began embroidering her characters on fabric.  Always an experimenter with fashion, it wasn’t long before these sewn images started appearing on clothes of her own design. A master of combining kitsch, pop culture, and a dazzlingly-brilliant hyper-reality (with more than a bit of irony mixed in), Rich has created a line of clothing, entitled, "Size 6" to complement her new artwork. Rich’s colorful, striking and unique clothes reflect her take on the slightly surrealist environment she has already shaped (via her art).  These clothes not only express her own personal vision, they reflect her distinctive take on fashion trends and make a statement against a drab world through the use of riotous bursts of color and their uber-girly quality.

Selected Biographical Information


Born:  Madrid, Spain, 1967
Education: Parsons School of Design (BFA)

One Person Shows
2001 "Size 6," Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York
2000 New Gallery, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
2000 Locust Projects, Miami, FL
1998 Dorfman Projects, in cooperation with Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York
1994 Performance, The Donahue Show, January 28, 1994
1994 "Work," Helander Gallery, New York
1993 Recent Work, Antine Laurentine Gallery, Paris, France
1992 "New Works," Helander Gallery, New York

Group Shows
2000 "10 Year Survey," Kenny Schacter's Rove, New York
2000 "ANP: City Projects,"Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York
2000 "Walking Your Poodle As If It Is a Pit Bull," S&H de Buck Galerie, Ghent, Belgium
2000 "American Art Today: Fantasies and Curiosities," Florida International University, Miami, FL
2000 "Dog and Pony Show," Workspace Gallery, New York
1999 "Cambio: Mexico-US Exchange," Chopo Museum, Mexico City, Mexico, curated by Kenny Schacter
1999 New Museum of Contemporary Art Benefit Exhibition, New York
1999 "No Dumb Bunnies," Jorgensen Gallery, New York
1999 "No Kidding: Visions of Childhood," Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York
1999 "Paradise 8," Exit Art/The First World, Kenny Schacter’s, Baker’s Dozen Café, New York
1998 New Museum of Contemporary Art Gala Benefit Exhibition, New York
1998 "Pets," Bronwyn Keenan Gallery, New York
1997 "Angelus Novus," Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York
1997 New Museum of Contemporary Art, Gala Benefit Exhibition, New York
1997 "The Experimenters," Lombard-Freid Fine Arts, New York
1997 "Angelus Novus," Heart Gallery, Paris, France
1997 "Angelus Novus," Central Space Gallery, London, England
1996 "Women Draw," Gallery 128, New York
1996 "Personal/Impersonal," Gracie Mansion/Fred Dorfman Projects, New York
1996 "The Pet Show," Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, MA
1996 "Sex, Drugs and Explosives," London, England
1995 "OY," curated by Kenny Schacter, New York
1995 "High Anxiety," curated by Kenny Schacter, New York
1994 "I Could Do That," curated by Kenny Schacter, New York
1993 "The Pet Show," to benefit P.O.W.A.R.S., Helander Gallery,  New York
1993 "I Was Born Like This," curated by Kenny Schacter,  New York
1993 "Shooting Blanks," curated by Kenny Schacter, New York
1992 "Kitchen," curated by Kenny Schacter, New York
1992 "Narrative Abstraction," Helander Gallery, New York
1992 "Group Invitational," Helander Gallery, New York
1992 "East Side, West Side," Helander Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
1989 Group Show, curated by Anne Ferrer, Paris, France

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