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Catherine Murphy
- Additional Information -

This exhibition will include all of the works Catherine Murphy has completed since her last exhibition in 1998, eight paintings and three drawings. They are concise and concentrated works, created after long periods of invention and clarification of images and ideas.

She sets up and constructs her subjects, mostly in her studio. For Wallpapered Corner, for example, Murphy set up small sections of wall and floor, covered with patterned wallpaper, a painted baseboard and pile carpet. She configured the subject for its symmetry and selected the pattern of hunting dogs and birds for the dynamics of its repeated landscape. The result is a work in which this image of landscape, for all its illogic and artificiality, manages to dematerialize the apparent solidity of the walls. In so doing, it becomes a metaphor for the basic premise of paintings' illusionism and proposes a situation in which imagination and experience occur simultaneously.

The subjects of other paintings include personal notations written on a sheet of crumpled, folded, ruled paper; her name written backwards with a fingertip onto the surface of a steam-fogged window, and a tidy bed of marigolds encircled by white stones. The large pencil drawings show some dusty debris swept into a pile, a section of a woman's densely freckled back, and the shadowy interior of a brown paper grocery bag. In every case, the subjct is presented overscale, a little (or a lot) larger than life, the space cropped close. Murphy's works have a certain characteristic stillness, resulting in part from the countless hours it takes to make them as well as from her purposeful intention to make an active awareness of time itself a part of the viewer's experience.

Catherine Murphy was born in 1946, and has been exhibiting her work since 1972. She lives and works in Dutchess County.

A catalogue reproducing the works is available upon request. Please contact the gallery for additional information.

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