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Blue Mountain Gallery

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Reception Thursday, December 20, 6 - 8 PM
The resilience of art and its ability to provide relevance is clearly illustrated in this exciting 5 person show.

* Country surroundings are the heart of Nancy Beal’s work - her gardens, flowers and fruit - either drenched in the open air or lighted from the studio window. She focuses on the contrast between foreground and distant views and the visual resonance of a simple still life.

* Minneapolis-based Rosemary Dunbar retains the bright palette absorbed during her times in Miami and Los Angeles. She abstracts images and divides them into quadrants, layering oil on paper using map elements, hinting at the lingering touches and traces we leave.

* Louise Guerin’s exuberant flower paintings use bold color and gesture to give her subjects a great sense of presence. She sets them in a variety of contexts.

* The witty titles that are an integral part of Victoria Salzman’s work contribute greatly to its idiosyncratic humor. Her detailed work rewards close scrutiny - more adventures than a casual glancer might first have bargained for.

* Robert Sievert’s paintings of trees and ponds are informed by Expressionism, Cubism and American Transcendentalism. His pictures are extensions of nature  while not being naturalistic.

Further information contact: Gallery  Tel: 646.486.4730  Fax: 646.486.4345

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