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For the Love of Color

I am an abstract landscape painter combining non-objective abstraction with imagined landscapes. The results are abstract compositions comprised of a visual language of marks, squares, lines and forms. The landscapes I create are entirely imagined, but they reference the Caribbean and coastal waters (where I have lived and spent much time), as well as the plains, fields and mountains of Vermont (where I grew up) and New Mexico (where I currently live). Each piece references memories and imaginative re-creations of the places I have been - colors, textures, moods, and a sense of place . . .

Initial "Expressionist" fields of paint enable a composition to form. Sometimes an obvious landscape will begin and then dead-end, and sometimes a pure abstraction is better served by evolving in to a landscape. Recurring themes in my work include: Windows (with the idea of looking in, past, or through); Houses (the shape of a house - roof, walls, windows); Mountains, Water, Boats and Trees (all references to places I have lived and been). Squares, lines, grids and marks reference windows, buildings, and landscape while also providing balance, structure and interest in each composition.

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