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Katherine Rudin

Born: New York City
Resides: New York City
Education: B.F.A. New York University 1984

Photography and art exhibitions: 

Clodagh Collection, New York City 2002 (Solo Show), 2003, 2005
Barbara Anne Levy Gallery, Fire Island, NY 2000
Fipap, Fire Island, NY 1999
Barbara Anne Levy Gallery, Fire Island, NY 1999
Barbara Anne Levy Gallery, Fire Island, NY 1998
Fipap, Fire Island, NY 1997
Joya Gallery, Miami 1997
Gallery Art 1037, Miami 1997
Metropolitan Auction House, NYC 1997
Ward-Nasse Gallery, NYC 1997
Art/Act, Miami 1996       
Fipap, Fire Island, NY 1995

Commercial photography and writing 1994-2006:

Out Magazine (editorial photography) (photography)
Natural Pet Magazine (cover photography)
Appalations Magazine (editorial photography)
Fitness Plus Magazine (cover and editorial photography)
Art & Understanding Magazine (editorial photography)
Fashion Spectrum Magazine (editorial photography)
Dancers Responding To AIDS (advertisements)
Dance On The Bay (advertisements)
The Pride Institute (advertisements)
Splash Bar (advertisements)
Men Like Us, Ballantine Books 2000 (photography) (photography)
Genre Magazine (contributing writer and photographer)
New York Groove 1 - Groove Records (CD cover)
New York Groove 2 (CD cover)
XY Magazine (essay) (text and photography) (photography)
Animal Fair Magazine (text and photography)
What Planet Are You From, Haworth Press Tbp (essays)


Paws With A Cause Calendar 1996
Effie Awards Photography Showcase 1995

Photography and art for charitable organizations:               

Dade County Human Rights, Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA), Cure AIDS Now, The Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, Dancers Responding To AIDS-Broadway Cares, The ASPCA, The Animal Cancer Foundation, Powars, Community Research Initiative (CRI), Direct Effect (Rockefeller University AIDS Research), Friends In Deed, GMHC, GLAAD, Bailey House

Kate Rudin/Bio

Kate Rudin is a New York artist currently focusing on large-scale, mixed- media works. Among the themes she has explored in recent collages and paintings are sexuality and gender-orientation, religion, language, and the animal world. With many of her canvases measuring 3 feet by 4 feet--and some spreading across more than 9 feet--the artworks combine a layeriing of techniques and materials including paper collage, acrylic paint, oil stick, photography, and found objects. Combining both abstract and figurative images, Rudin's pieces evolve from her stream-of-consciousness approach that offers a multilayered commentary on modern life. Psychology, sociology, history, and philosophy converge in stark imagery and flashes of color or swatches of black. Words and typography are juxtaposed with religious iconography and primitively rendered figures of horses and dogs. "When images of religion appear," Rudin says, "I use them facetiously or humorously." The depiction of animals, however, is a more hallowed matter. "In my existence, animals are as close to God as I get."     

Born and raised in Manhattan, Rudin studied screenwriting at New York University and has worked as a writer and photographer. Her words and images have appeared in OUT, GENRE and Animal Fair, among other publications.

While living in Miami in the early 1990s, Rudin says she was drawn to the city's vibrant art scene and welcoming community of artists. "The sense of artistic experimentation and exploration was very accessible, but very passionate," Rudin says. "I found myself working in very close quarters, first creating collages with my photos, then adding additional elements, like a scrapbook of my thoughts and my life then." Inspired by the color, light, and the Hispanic-tinged culture of Miami, Rudin found expression in her art, "with the rest of the world as a neutral background," she says.

The artist's mixed-media work has been exhibited in galleries in Miami, Fire Island, and New York City. Her most recent solo show at Clodagh in 2005 sold out.

Kate Rudin is currently completing a series titled 12Angry Women and writing and illustrating a book. She lives in New York City and the Hamptons with her partner and their dog, Shadow.

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