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I have created sculptural objects for many years.  For the last 10 years, I have been focusing on pieces exclusively incorporating recycled elements. I am drawn to debris of a social, cultural and physical nature. I see beauty in rust, splintered wood or chipped paint. These discarded and abused elements describes the history of the object, its’ original purpose perhaps and how it arrived at my feet. I rename the elements and give them new life and value as a component of a sculpture.

Lately I have been exploring a series I call the quiet pieces. These works begin when I enter and engage with an environment. I examine the elements of the space and the interactions and connections between the objects. I then choose novel ways of arranging the elements, challenging their original juxtapositions. These “compositions”  or installation sculptures encourage the spectator to become an active participant as they make new, dynamic connections to the environment.

This rearrangement calls into question the spectators’ assumptions and preconceptions about art and nature. The positioning of a pile of leaves is art or perhaps not art? This location is now significant whereas it had no obvious value before the installation of the sculpture. The thoughtful creation of this dialogue begins to generate new reference points within the viewer and presents an opportunity to evaluate the elements within any given environment for their esthetic and cultural value.

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